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Vitamins and Herbal Products

I recently read an excellent book by Dr Blaylock about how proper nutrition and nutritional products can help prevent cancer and help patients with cancer and other conditions. I agree with 95% of the information. I, therefore, ask my patients to check with me before taking any of the products summarized below or of those you read about in the book and ask me the amount to take if it is not listed. Dr Blaylock and I trained at CharityHospital in New Orleans in the early 1970’s and I can attest to his intelligence and good character. The book is available from Just search “author” and “blaylock” and you will find it for about $10 in paperback.

This is a summary of products and foods to take for each medical condition:

Fatigue: Panax Ginseng, Pantothenic acid 50 mg/day, Propax with NT factor

High Blood Pressure: Vitamin B1and B6, Calcium, Zinc (I recommend 25 mg twice a week), Magnesium ( He recommends Magnesium Citramate 900 mg/day) , Vitamin C (I recommend 500mg of Super Bio-C by Solaray but not if you are on a statin drug for cholesterol) and Vitamin K (100 ug/day), Co-Q-10 (200mg/day of the Nature-Made brand)

Angina or Coronary Artery Disease:

Olive leaf Extract, and I also suggest Super DHA fish oil (three 500mg capsules a day)

Congestive Heart Failure: Hawthorne (500 mg three times a day – do not take unless monitored closely, at first, by me), Magnesium citrate or maleate (do not take magnesium if you have kidney insufficiency or on ACE inhibitors for blood pressure), Acetyl L- Carnitine 500 mg three times a day, Co-Q-10 (200mg three times a day), Super DHA fish oil by Carlson 500 mg (3 a day at one time)

Anxiety or Stress: Use Tumeric (curcumin) one-half teaspoon a day in your food and you will see a major difference in a few days

Hair loss: Green tea extract (Get it at and click on the manufacturer Countrylife or Biochem brand. Take 375 mg twice a day), Curcumin 500mg three times a day or use a lot of Tumeric spice on your food, Hesperidin (a bioflavinoid) 500 mg three times a day, Biotin 1000 or 2000 micrograms a day.

Liver trouble: Milk Thistle 175 mg twice a day or 280 mg sustained-release (found at Walgeen’s) once a day , MSM as found in Flexamin with MSM, Curcumin (Tumeric)

Kidney disease: Curcumin, Ginseng

Bladder cancer: NAC, Shikaron (a compilation of 8 Chinese herbs).

Birth Control Pills: If you take these, take Vitamin C (but not at the same time as absorption can be increased), Vitamin B2, B6, B12, and Folic acid, Magnesium, Selenium, and Tyrosine (the amino acid)

Breast Cancer or breast cancer tendency: Avoid soymilk because of its free glutamate and genistein

Going to have surgery: Take magnesium to prevent clots in your veins after the operation

Easy bruising: Grapeseed extract and Bilberry

Varicose veins: Horsechestnut (do not take if you have bleeding tendencies)

Dementia or memory problems: Alpha-lipoic acid, Red ginseng, curcumin, Milk Thistle, Gingko 120mg twice a day, Magnesium, Co-Q-10

Osteoporosis: Boron 2mg a day, Citracal with D three a day, Vitamin D3 1000 units a day in addition to the D in the Citracal)

Taking Radiation Treatments: Resevatrol 10 mg three times a day, Circumin 500mg three times a day, Selenium, Zinc, Gingko, and Magnesium

If you take a Statin drug for cholesterol, thiazide diuretics, Beta-blockers, Clonidine, Aldomet, Sulfonylurea for diabetes, biguanides, phenothiazines, tricyclics like Elavil, then take C0-Q-10, as it may be depleted by these drugs.

Vitamin E: Take it only every 2 weeks and get d-alpha tocopherol succinate

Diabetes: Bitter Melon, Cinnamon one tsp a day, Ginseng

Arthritis: Flexamin with MSM and Hyaluronic acid, Bromelain 500 mg a day, Boswellia 250 mg three times a day, Tumeric

Dizziness or Nausea: Ginger 300 to 550 mg four times a day. Try Ginger Altoids.

Macular degeneration: Bilberry, Yellow Bell Peppers for the Xanthins, Zinc 50 mg a day

If you have Cancer: GLA, Astralagus, Panax Ginseng, GTE, Persimmon extract, Curcumin (Tumeric), Olive leaf extract 500mg two times a day building up to 1000mg three times a day, Astralagus, Mistletoe Extract, Naringinen(grapefruit extract), Kaempferol in broccoli spouts and turnip greens, Apignin in celery, Shitake, Reishi, Maitake, Suehirotake, White button mushrooms. Note list below:

Sources of the Cancer-Inhibiting Flavonoids

Flavonoids Food sources

Anthrocyanins Grapes (but supplement available)

Apigenin Celery, Gingko

Caffeic acid Blueberry,apricot,apple,plum,tomato

Catechins Fruits

Chlorogenic acid McIntosh apples,blueberry,eggplant,tomato

Curcumin Tumeric

Ellagic acid Rasberry,muscadine,grapes,blackberry,walnut,


Epicatechins Tea, Hawthorn, Fruit

Epigallocatechins Green Tea, peaches, black and red currents,


Ferulic Acid Fruits (also available as supplement)

Hesperidin Oranges, black currents (available as


Kaempferol Kale, turnip greens, broccoli spouts, black tea,

strawberries, gingko, black currents, green tea

Lignans (enterodiol) Flaxseed,asparagus,garlic,soybeans

Lignans (enterlactone) Flaxseed, soy, sweet potato, carrots, green

pepper, broccoli (available as supplement)

Luteolin Celery, artichoke

Myricetin Cranberry, red wine, green and black tea