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We now offer a doctor-supervised weight loss program in our office using Vyvanse and other new very-effective and safe diet pills that were recently approved. You must be an established patient to get these drugs. Vyvanse is used for Attention Deficit Disorder, but was recently approved for binge eating.We have had 40 pound weight loss in some of our patients with this drug which can completely kill the appetite.

The New Atkins Diet: This diet guarantees at least a 12 pound weight loss in 6 weeks. The key to it is eating less than 30 g of carbohydrate per day and less than 100 g of protein a day. It is now known that fat cells do not break apart when there is carbohydrate and subsequently insulin around. It is also known the too much protein can cause increased glycogen stores in the liver - which then break down to sugar (carbohydrate) in the blood. When you eat less than 100 g of protein a day and less than 30 g of carbohydrate a day, you need a few more calories - and those calories must come from oils and fats. Therefore, you will be eating a high-fat diet which includes at least 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a day. You we will also eat red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp, pork, liver, whole eggs, coconut oil, butter, cream cheese, hard cheese, Horizon-brand mozzarella string cheese, Daisy sour cream with artificial sweeteners added, spray whipping cream on a few strawberries, heavy cream in your coffee, the lowest calorie Silk Almond milk or Silk Cashew milk with Splenda, Atkins drinks and mayonnaise to supplement your diet. We now know that only 20 percent of your blood cholesterol comes from the food you eat. The rest is made by your liver even if you eat carbohydrates only. Again, the protein amounts cannot be over 100 g a day (three ounces of meat, fish or chicken is about 100 grams). This is the opposite of what we've told people for years, but we now know from a 52-week Mayo Clinic study that if you eat a high-fat diet but lose weight you'll actually lower your cholesterol. When you are at your ideal weight, we will then recommend the Mediterranean diet or Pesco-vegetarian diet.

The 30 g of carbohydrate a day should be from low glycemic index carbohydrates such as: Lettuce tomato cucumber broccoli green beans cauliflower mushrooms celery artichokes olives okra squash zucchini or asparagus. You can make pasta out of zucchini and squash with the Veggetti pasta-maker. Do not drink even skim milk or eat yogurt because of the carbohydrate content, but use the Daisy sour cream with Splenda and the 25-calorie Silk milks as noted above. Use the extra virgin olive oil with or without vinegar on your salad or use mayonnaise on the salad. Try to eat at least the volume of 2 baseballs of salad a day.

Medium chain triglyceride oil which is a highly refined tasteless odorless coconut oil can help induce ketosis and help brain function. The best brand is "Bulletproof Brain Octane " oil which you can buy at upgradedself.com. You must start with a half a teaspoon a day and build up very gradually to 2 tablespoons a day or you will get cramps and diarrhea with it. If you miss a day, start back at a half a teaspoon a day.

Protein drinks such as the Atkins drinks or "Oh Yeah" at GNC have virtually no carbohydrates and can be very useful. You can add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to each drink, shake it up and get your extra virgin olive oil that way. You will not notice the extra virgin olive oil when you do this. The best Atkins drink is the Mocha-Latte flavor. The Atkins drinks and the Oh Yeah are lactose-free. You may tend to get more protein than 100 g if you drink too many of them.

Try to drink at least 6 glasses of liquid a day when on this diet. Adding an artificial sweetener to water may help. Believe or not, we now think saccharin prevents cancer not causes it!

You can use the Atkins frozen meals but each one has 880 to 1100 mg of sodium per meal and also 10 grams of carbohydrate, so be careful with those if you have hypertension.

If you are a diabetic, ask Dr. Gaber which diabetic medicines must be stopped before this diet is started. We have been able to get several diabetics off insulin completely with this diet


























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